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Below are just a few comments to illustrate the wide range of benefits and breakthroughs people experience when investing in a Scenar device.

Kate Renesto

I would really like to say an enormous THANK YOU to the team and the Scenar Therapy!  For years I have battled with MS, Autoimmune diseases, Neurogenic bowel and considerable arthritis in the cervical and lower lumbar back.  Having tried so many different therapies etc over the years, I quite honestly, have found nothing has really helped my symptoms. After many hours of extensive research for some relief, I came across Scenar Therapy.

I must admit I was very sceptical at first having found no help from conventional medicine and, quite overwhelmed initially when confronted with something I knew nothing about!  I initially contacted Scenar and was introduced to Susanne who is I believe, one of the most caring, dedicated, knowledgeable and inspirational practitioners there is!

Susanne runs teaching sessions which cover everything from the basics of setting the device to protocols and holistic advice to get the body to start to heal itself again!  I have always believed that we must all play a big part in taking control of our own lives and finding a natural approach to fighting pain and disease.

Scenar Therapy appears to target the root cause of the pain, rather than simply masking the symptoms. It is a non-invasive therapy which helps you take control of your pain and discover the natural approach to pain relief instead of pumping in synthetic drugs which more often than not make the problem worse resulting in side effects and toxicity.

Since learning how to use this wonderful device, I can honestly say that it has helped me when I get a flare up in my neck or lower spine and, literally within 20mins my pain levels drop considerably. I have yet to have the courage to try it with my neuropathic pains and with detoxifying my body to try and reverse some of the autonomic symptoms, but, with the protocols that I am learning about, I actually look forward to a healthier life!

One last note … I would thoroughly recommend anyone using the device to sign up for the FREE webinars.

When I first started with Scenar I found that sometimes it would work and then others nothing appeared to happen!  At the time I thought that the times it worked were when I had placed the pads on exactly the right spot …. No, how wrong I was! It was only after the training sessions that I learnt the correct placement of the ‘live’ and ‘neutral’ pads were what actually initiated the pain relieving response, not my guesswork!

THANK YOU for giving me the inspiration and confidence that I shall be able to get control of my own battles again!

Kate Renesto

Nataliya Davies

I bought Sport D device from Scenarworld for personal use by recommendations from another country and I also recommended this company to my friend who also purchased Sport D.  From the beginning everything went well. Initially, I found that the provided instructions didn’t quite capture the device’s full potential. Luckily, Scenarworld has offered free webinars for their clients, which makes huge difference in learning how to use the device! 
All the Scenar device therapy webinars I attended were truly excellent ! Her exceptional knowledge about health is very wide and shone through as the trainer explained how to use the device in clear, detailed language. I was impressed by the extra shared information about how Scenar can be used for various health issues, giving me a broader understanding of its potential, and how to improve health generally. The webinars are a masterclass in Scenar therapy.
Also Susanne is very attentive to participants questions. She created a welcoming atmosphere, where everyone felt comfortable asking for clarification, and she answered each one with thoughtful explanations and practical advice. Her passion for this therapy is high!  Her thoughtful explanations and practical advice, delivered with genuine passion, are truly invaluable. Thanks to Susanne and Scenarworld, I’m unlocking the full potential of my Scenar device and my own well-being.
Nataliya Davies

Pippa, UK

I bought the Scenar to support me while waiting for a hip replacement surgery.. and previous broken back. I was told  by a good friend it would be good for pain relief and general healing.  I was shown how to use the device before and after my surgery including a 4 part FREE acute and chronic pain relief training.  Albeit I had a fair amount of pain after the hip operation which is normal, doctors were amazed at my speedy recovery.  I put this down to the Scenar… and all the good support on how to use.
Pippa, UK

Jacob-Christopher Pardell

I joined Susanne’s program because it seemed to deal with most of the symptoms I was experiencing. And I have to say I am so glad I did. I went probably through one of the most stressful times in my life and I felt physically really good all the way through. I slept well, felt energetic, fairly balanced and was even able to expand my business. My colleagues also noticed many positive changes in me. I learned a lot about gut health and I’m certainly going to continue the same daily supplements regiments that Susanne tailored specifically for me due to its success. I am glad I took the decision and invested in my health at this crucial point in my life

Jacob-Christopher Pardell

Jane Nielsen

Susanne treated me over the course of 10 weeks last for severe eczema, asthma and insomnia. Over the weeks I saw a very significant improvement in my condition as well as a re-balance of my mental state of mind. In fact, after the course had finished, I continued to see improvement and has, to date, not had severe symptoms again. I feel that this treatment has done what conventional medicine cannot do; re-balancing your inner energies so that your body can start to heal itself again. I can only give Susanne and her treatments my highest recommendation.

Jane Nielsen

Dr Alex Reznansky

I found Susanne’s knowledge to be extensive, she definitely knows her stuff. Her treatments are cutting edge and she shows tremendous caring for each and every client she takes on. I have no doubt in the treatment protocol or what she is doing.

Dr Alex Reznansky

Alexandre Gabriel

I contacted Susanne’s because of my painful Tennis Elbow and generally feeling a little bit run down. It only took 4-5 weeks for the pain in my elbow to disappear and I also became a lot more energetic. My partner and I have started using the Scenar and Susanne’s health protocol on friends with great results.

Alexandre Gabriel

Latifa Arab

I had a problem with shoulder, left upper body side and my stomach. I went to see several professionals, but no one was giving me the results I was expecting. I came across Susanne’s website and what Susanne did is absolutely amazing. I actually started to see a lot of differences by the second or the third session. I can move again and I can do a lot of things that I couldn’t do before.

Latifa Arab

Nancy Winters

When I found out about the Scenar, I was really excited to learn its uses! Susanne gave me even more than I had anticipated as I learned much that would help alleviate health problems for myself and my clients. I find that I can attract more clients in my practice with the additional skills I have acquired. Susanne is very responsive to the questions and individual needs of her students.

Carolyn Lee

I am the happy new owner of a Professional Scenar, who was overwhelmed with the all the protocols and settings of the Scenar. I have been attending learning sessions with Susanne and she has inspired me to try the various settings and protocols with confidence and knowledge. Susanne has been inspirational to me and is very knowledgeable about using the Scenar to promote wellness. Susanne has gotten me very excited about the World of Scenar.

Carolyn Lee

Alexander Karasev, Founding researcher

Scenar works by making the body’s own communication systems operate more efficiently. Technically it is a complex device, which sends electronic impulses via the skin to the brain but it was designed to be used by anybody without any special medical training. You use it in contact with the skin over the affected area or organ and it sends an amplified signal of pain to the brain. This causes the brain to trigger the body’s immune system, which, after only a few minutes of treatment, the patient starts feeling much better.

Alexander Karasev
Founding researcher

Dr Hans Bründler, MD

Both in acute medicine and in chronic problems previously unresponsive to treatment, it is possible to achieve therapeutic results that I could only have dreamed of previously. For me, Scenar treatment is THE discovery of recent years. It is the most valuable and effective new form of therapy that I have learned about during my professional development over 25 years or more.

Dr Hans Bründler, MD

Tennis Elbow

I contacted Susanne’s because of my painful Tennis Elbow and generally feeling a little bit run down. It only took 4-5 weeks for the pain in my elbow to disappear and I also became a lot more energetic. My partner and I have started using the Scenar and Susanne’s health protocol on friends with great results. I have decided to buy a professional device and open up my own practice. I am very happy!

Alexandre + Gabriel

Dan Luger – England International Rugby Player

My first experience of Scenar was in 2000 post the RWC where I sustained a groin injury after 7 months of traditional physio treatment and limited succès I was introduced to Scenar by my then fitness coach Margot Wells. Within 2 weeks I was back to full training and within 4 was back to playing at the highest level. From then I used Scenar for numerous serious injuries from neck/knee and back issues that without doubt elongated my professional career and helped me be part of teams that went on to win a grand slam, a rugby World Cup and other national club titles.

I continue to use it today and could not recommend it more highly for general health and well being as well as for high level sport. I believe my career would have finished years earlier without discovering skenar and my curent quality of life would be a lot poorer.

Dan Luger MBE



Dan Luger

Mary Jensen

I fell heavily onto my left hand, twisting the thumb at a right angle. This left major bruising and swelling in the thumb, wrist and hand, and significant pain, especially at night. With professional SCENAR treatment, I was surprised to see the bruising and swelling reduce in even the first treatment, and after several treatments, the pain at night had gone.

Mary Jensen

Mariëlla Alberts

Nutritionalist Mariëlla Alberts has used Scenar since early 2016: “Scenar has brought new clients to my practice through “word of mouth” because of the quick results. I didn’t have to do marketing or promoting, to attract new clients – the results spoke for themselves.” Based in the Netherlands, Mariëlla set up her practice, Pure Energy Lifestyle, in 2013 developing her own lifestyle-health programme based on nutrition, exercise and stress management.

In early 2016, her husband developed a frozen shoulder and was unable to work. Mariëlla said: “A frozen shoulder is a painful problem that can take months to resolve by manual therapy.

“I borrowed a Scenar device from a colleague and within two days my husband didn’t need painkillers anymore; after 14 days he was back to work! So I decided to add Scenar to my own practice and bought a professional device from Scenarworld.co.uk.

“When people are in pain they want to try everything to relieve the pain. The best part is that you can offer a treatment to reduce pain instantly.” Mariëlla completed the Scenarworld.com Level One training course at its centre in Petersfield: “It was very extensive. You get a lot of information so the online training is very helpful to be able to see everything again that you have learned in the live training. But the more you practice with Scenar, the easier you feel what the best treatment for your client is.”

She now incorporates Scenar as part of her treatment approach: “Scenar can be a wonderful complement for many types of therapists. I use it in combination with the Qest4 system from NutriVital.

Mariëlla also promotes Scenar to therapists in the Netherlands and aims to become a Scenar Trainer: “I’m glad to work together with NutriVital. We share the same views on health and helping people with the best resources you can get.

Mariëlla Alberts
Nutritionalist & Scenar Trainer

Don Deacy

Don Deacy is a body worker, using natural health treatments to help clients with a wide range of complaints. He has used Scenar as a stand alone therapy and as an additional resource since it was recommended by a friend in 2010.

Don explained: “Scenar makes my life a lot easier and it’s helped my practice. It’s very portable and flexible and produces faster results, so it allows me to see a lot more clients in the same time.”

Don has worked as a natural health practitioner since 2003. In 2008 he set up his own clinic, Essentia Health, in London using a range of treatments, including acupuncture.
But when he wanted to use acupuncture he came across a problem he needed to solve: “With acupuncture, some people who have never experienced the needles are initially concerned about them and though they agree to the treatment they can become nervous, tense or both, which can reduce the effectiveness of the treatment. I’m good with needles and yet I have seen people become tense simply at the thought of them.

“So I was always looking for a way to use the knowledge behind acupuncture without having to use the needles. That’s when a friend recommended that I try Scenar, so I did.

It works absolutely brilliantly; Scenar demonstrably enhances the healing process, in some instances reducing from weeks to days the amount of time it takes for recovery.

Don uses Scenar for musculoskeletal problems such as back problems and whiplash: “I can use pads or other attachments instead of needles to relax muscles, reduce pain and enhance the bodies healing process. It’s a very useful tool which I can and do use on its own or to enhance other treatments that I offer.”

Clients were a little sceptical at first. Don explained: “People would ask ‘What’s this?’, but there’s a level of trust between us and they quickly accepted me using Scenar to complement treatments.
Though some people will come for a specific treatment modality, they all come because they have a specific issue they want to be addressed. I’ve found with my regular clients that they generally don’t worry about where the results come from, they just want results and they trust you to do that as quickly as possible. I have found the Scenar to be a fantastic addition to my options to make this happen.

Don Deacy
Don has worked as a natural health practitioner since 2003

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