I bought Sport D device from Scenarworld for personal use by recommendations from another country and I also recommended this company to my friend who also purchased Sport D.  From the beginning everything went well. Initially, I found that the provided instructions didn’t quite capture the device’s full potential. Luckily, Scenarworld has offered free webinars for their clients, which makes huge difference in learning how to use the device! 
All Susanne’s Scenar device therapy webinars I attended were truly excellent ! Her exceptional knowledge about health is very wide and shone through as she explained how to use the device in clear, detailed language. I was impressed by her extra shared information about how Scenar can be used for various health issues, giving me a broader understanding of its potential, and how to improve health generally. Susanne’s webinars are a masterclass in Scenar therapy.
Also Susanne is very attentive to participants questions. She created a welcoming atmosphere, where everyone felt comfortable asking for clarification, and she answered each one with thoughtful explanations and practical advice. Her passion for this therapy is high!  Her thoughtful explanations and practical advice, delivered with genuine passion, are truly invaluable. Thanks to Susanne and Scenarworld, I’m unlocking the full potential of my Scenar device and my own well-being.

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FREE hands on live training with the purchase of a Blue Sport D device.