Nutritionalist Mariëlla Alberts has used Scenar since early 2016: “Scenar has brought new clients to my practice through “word of mouth” because of the quick results. I didn’t have to do marketing or promoting, to attract new clients – the results spoke for themselves.” Based in the Netherlands, Mariëlla set up her practice, Pure Energy Lifestyle, in 2013 developing her own lifestyle-health programme based on nutrition, exercise and stress management.

In early 2016, her husband developed a frozen shoulder and was unable to work. Mariëlla said: “A frozen shoulder is a painful problem that can take months to resolve by manual therapy.

“I borrowed a Scenar device from a colleague and within two days my husband didn’t need painkillers anymore; after 14 days he was back to work! So I decided to add Scenar to my own practice and bought a professional device from

“When people are in pain they want to try everything to relieve the pain. The best part is that you can offer a treatment to reduce pain instantly.” Mariëlla completed the Level One training course at its centre in Petersfield: “It was very extensive. You get a lot of information so the online training is very helpful to be able to see everything again that you have learned in the live training. But the more you practice with Scenar, the easier you feel what the best treatment for your client is.”

She now incorporates Scenar as part of her treatment approach: “Scenar can be a wonderful complement for many types of therapists. I use it in combination with the Qest4 system from NutriVital.

Mariëlla also promotes Scenar to therapists in the Netherlands and aims to become a Scenar Trainer: “I’m glad to work together with NutriVital. We share the same views on health and helping people with the best resources you can get.

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