I would really like to say an enormous THANK YOU to the team and the Scenar Therapy!  For years I have battled with MS, Autoimmune diseases, Neurogenic bowel and considerable arthritis in the cervical and lower lumbar back.  Having tried so many different therapies etc over the years, I quite honestly, have found nothing has really helped my symptoms. After many hours of extensive research for some relief, I came across Scenar Therapy.

I must admit I was very sceptical at first having found no help from conventional medicine and, quite overwhelmed initially when confronted with something I knew nothing about!  I initially contacted Scenar and was introduced to Susanne who is I believe, one of the most caring, dedicated, knowledgeable and inspirational practitioners there is!

Susanne runs teaching sessions which cover everything from the basics of setting the device to protocols and holistic advice to get the body to start to heal itself again!  I have always believed that we must all play a big part in taking control of our own lives and finding a natural approach to fighting pain and disease.

Scenar Therapy appears to target the root cause of the pain, rather than simply masking the symptoms. It is a non-invasive therapy which helps you take control of your pain and discover the natural approach to pain relief instead of pumping in synthetic drugs which more often than not make the problem worse resulting in side effects and toxicity.

Since learning how to use this wonderful device, I can honestly say that it has helped me when I get a flare up in my neck or lower spine and, literally within 20mins my pain levels drop considerably. I have yet to have the courage to try it with my neuropathic pains and with detoxifying my body to try and reverse some of the autonomic symptoms, but, with the protocols that I am learning about, I actually look forward to a healthier life!

One last note … I would thoroughly recommend anyone using the device to sign up for the FREE webinars.

When I first started with Scenar I found that sometimes it would work and then others nothing appeared to happen!  At the time I thought that the times it worked were when I had placed the pads on exactly the right spot …. No, how wrong I was! It was only after the training sessions that I learnt the correct placement of the ‘live’ and ‘neutral’ pads were what actually initiated the pain relieving response, not my guesswork!

THANK YOU for giving me the inspiration and confidence that I shall be able to get control of my own battles again!

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