Donna Draper

Since using Scenar, homeopath Donna Draper has expanded her practice by offering a truly holistic service to broaden the range of her clients. Donna graduated with a BSc in health science in 1999 and set up her own homeopathic and holistic practice in Kent in 2006, using a variety of treatments to deal mainly with mental and emotional issues.

Donna’s first contact with was in 2005: “I was at the NutriVital Centre on another course when I saw Scenar training going on in another room. I was curious.

“When I saw how it worked I thought: Yes, this absolutely makes sense, so I decided I wanted to train in that too. “Scenar is a lot more comfortable to use. For me there’s no lifting and carrying and it’s non-invasive so I can use it from babies to elderly people and even animals. It’s really broadened my client base.”

“Now I use Scenar all the time. Homeopathy is great but its effect isn’t always instant; pain is very debilitating and people want help right away. Scenar is very quick and because clients feel the difference, they believe immediately in it – they can’t resist it.”

But Donna doesn’t just use Scenar with homeopathy: “If I’m using another treatment, there’s no reason I can’t use Scenar as well, in a complementary way. It can even be used with acupuncture points.”

Donna was so impressed by how Scenar helped her clients that she became a trainer in Petersfield: “Training has evolved a lot over the past few years. With a three-day classroom course and an interactive online element, you can continue to develop.”

Scenar has given Donna the chance to help more people in more ways: “People come to me for homeopathy but they also come now if they have a sprained ankle or twisted knee. They know I can do something for them.

“And because it’s easy to use, it gives me the opportunity to talk with a client at the same time about other things. They may have come to see me because of back pain but we can take a look at their nutrition or their lifestyle and see if there are other things I can offer them.”

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