Don Deacy is a body worker, using natural health treatments to help clients with a wide range of complaints. He has used Scenar as a stand alone therapy and as an additional resource since it was recommended by a friend in 2010.

Don explained: “Scenar makes my life a lot easier and it’s helped my practice. It’s very portable and flexible and produces faster results, so it allows me to see a lot more clients in the same time.”

Don has worked as a natural health practitioner since 2003. In 2008 he set up his own clinic, Essentia Health, in London using a range of treatments, including acupuncture.
But when he wanted to use acupuncture he came across a problem he needed to solve: “With acupuncture, some people who have never experienced the needles are initially concerned about them and though they agree to the treatment they can become nervous, tense or both, which can reduce the effectiveness of the treatment. I’m good with needles and yet I have seen people become tense simply at the thought of them.

“So I was always looking for a way to use the knowledge behind acupuncture without having to use the needles. That’s when a friend recommended that I try Scenar, so I did.

It works absolutely brilliantly; Scenar demonstrably enhances the healing process, in some instances reducing from weeks to days the amount of time it takes for recovery.

Don uses Scenar for musculoskeletal problems such as back problems and whiplash: “I can use pads or other attachments instead of needles to relax muscles, reduce pain and enhance the bodies healing process. It’s a very useful tool which I can and do use on its own or to enhance other treatments that I offer.”

Clients were a little sceptical at first. Don explained: “People would ask ‘What’s this?’, but there’s a level of trust between us and they quickly accepted me using Scenar to complement treatments.
Though some people will come for a specific treatment modality, they all come because they have a specific issue they want to be addressed. I’ve found with my regular clients that they generally don’t worry about where the results come from, they just want results and they trust you to do that as quickly as possible. I have found the Scenar to be a fantastic addition to my options to make this happen.

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