Anne Galvin

Despite my reticence for the online life this year has enforced, I highly value the amazing opportunity to have taken part in your scenar course across the globe.

The opportunity to learn from Jörg has been a priveledge. I was not keen on Zoom learning, but the chance to learn from such an expert on the Scenar from his living room on the other side of the world has been a fabulous opportunity.

Jörg’s knowledge is insurpassable – any question asked is answered fully, confidently and unhesitatingly – whether regarding complex medical conditions or specific Scenar methods for any ailment.

I enjoyed Jörg’s teaching methods – applying variability in explaining complicated areas of subject, simplifying brain-stretching protocols, humour, humility (if he doesn’t know an answer, he is not afraid to say so), patience (gently repeating points a few times over when students just don’t get it). A very humanistic approach : )

Having practised with my SCENAR for a few years but never feeling sure of where I was going with it, Jörg’s explanations have clarified so much for me that I now feel confident to finally begin to put my device to full use.

Thank you.

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