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Susanne is welcoming, friendly, has great teaching skills and makes you feel at ease when learning. After completing this course with Susanne, I would highly recommend it.

Nada Bahu

I did all 3 levels with Dr Jörg Prinz and it was a very enlightening experience. First and utmost the Scenar is so much more than a pain management machine. The online courses with Dr Jörg were a delight as he explained difficult concepts and made them easier to understand and broke them up into …

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Anne Galvin

Despite my reticence for the online life this year has enforced, I highly value the amazing opportunity to have taken part in your scenar course across the globe. The opportunity to learn from Jörg has been a priveledge. I was not keen on Zoom learning, but the chance to learn from such an expert on …

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Yvonne Davies

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and look forward to completing further modules with you. As I have had extensive experience in Anatomy and Physiology, working in Healthcare and later in Complementary Therapies, I found the material easy to follow. In particular, having the recording of each module to re-watch and look at in more depth …

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Pavllou Landraagon Kokko

Online Scenar training has been extremely informative and I now feel that I have a depth of understanding that I was unable to grasp before working with Dr Jorg. He has been generous not only in sharing his knowledge but also in answering questions and reviewing case histories outside of the Zoom online class environment. …

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