Training Home Users

Kate Renesto

I would really like to say an enormous THANK YOU to Susanne and the Scenar Therapy!  For years I have battled with MS, Autoimmune diseases,

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Nataliya Davies

I bought Sport D device from Scenarworld for personal use by recommendations from another country and I also recommended this company to my friend who

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Pippa, UK

I bought the Scenar to support me while waiting for a hip replacement surgery.. and previous broken back. I was told  by a good friend

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Maxine Martin

I usually find working with any sort of device very difficult. It’s almost like devices know that and then think they can cause all sorts

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Home Training with Susanne

Susanne is welcoming, friendly, has great teaching skills and makes you feel at ease when learning. After completing this course with Susanne, I would highly recommend it.

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Anne Galvin

Despite my reticence for the online life this year has enforced, I highly value the amazing opportunity to have taken part in your scenar course

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Yvonne Davies

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and look forward to completing further modules with you. As I have had extensive experience in Anatomy and Physiology, working

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