Nancy Winters

When I found out about the Scenar, I was really excited to learn its uses! Susanne gave me even more than I had anticipated as

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Carolyn Lee

I am the happy new owner of a Professional Scenar, who was overwhelmed with the all the protocols and settings of the Scenar. I have

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Dr Hans Bründler, MD

Both in acute medicine and in chronic problems previously unresponsive to treatment, it is possible to achieve therapeutic results that I could only have dreamed

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Dr Christos Hadjicostas

As a medical doctor and homeopath I decided to offer Scenar to my clients to improve their health outcomes. I thoroughly enjoyed Scenarworld’s teachings to the extent that I asked them to develop me an entire wellness program and train my staff too. They are methodical, present very clearly and slowly, try to answer all questions and above all know their subject very well.

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Mariëlla Alberts

Nutritionalist Mariëlla Alberts has used Scenar since early 2016: “Scenar has brought new clients to my practice through “word of mouth” because of the quick

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Don Deacy

Scenar makes my life a lot easier and it’s helped my practice. It’s very portable and flexible and produces faster results, so it allows me to see a lot more clients in the same time.

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