Training is an essential requirement when you buy your new Professional Scenar device.

SCENAR is a very safe technology with very simple and effective applications. However, if you are working as a professional therapist, we strongly recommend that you commit to completing at least two levels of RITM-apporved training to ensure you get the very best long-term results for your clients and your practice.

At Scenarworld, in partnership with RITM SCENAR we offer the following educational resources to support your journey to becoming a qualified Scenar therapist:

  • Classroom-based training just one hour from London by train.
  • 12 months membership of a forum managed by SCENAR trainers.
  • Comprehensive online preparatory course materials (12 months access) to ensure you gain full benefit from your valuable classroom time.
  • Online training courses for customers outside the UK who buy a Professional SCENAR device.
  • A dedicated forum where you can ask questions, share experiences and interact with your peers, with guidance and advice available from our experienced trainers.

This package is uniquely available through us in the UK, and comes with our 18 years of experience in energy medicine technologies and supporting the practitioners who use them.

Let us help you to use your SCENAR technology to its full potential with our progressive training programme.


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Modular training programme

  • SCENAR signal and professional device settings
  • SCENAR therapy principles
  • How to treat local complaints
  • How to apply SCENAR to zones of general regulation
  • Specific therapy methods
  • Practical exercises

Following completion of the Level 1 live seminar you will be ready to start practicing SCENAR Therapy on volunteers, such as family and friends. You will be required to record at least six case studies before moving to the next study module. This usually takes about three months.

To optimise the benefits you can gain through SCENAR, we use a modular training programme that includes live seminars and online study.

Level 1 module
The Level One training provides a basic understanding of SCENAR technology. The course covers the fundamental scientific theory and explanations about the professional device and gives clear, simple instructions on how to use the device’s functions. During the training, you will be shown core treatment principles and protocols, you will be familiarised with general treatment zones and introduced to some specific therapy treatments. You will learn the difference between Manual mode and Digital Mode. The Level 1 course covers the following subjects:

SCENAR Level 2 Training

Completion of the Level 1 is a pre-requisite for Level 2 live training. When you have successfully complete all parts of Level 1, a certificate of training will be issued which is a requirement for attending the next stage of live-training.

In Level 2 training more protocols and variations of treatment are introduced to help you with your holistic approach of SCENAR therapy:

  • Additional methods to deal with local pain, dysfunction and discomfort including the treatment zones distant from the point of local pain, such as reflex zones.
  • More digital protocols to disrupt and resolve systemic adaptation.
  • Manual protocols to help detoxification processes to cleanse specific organ systems.
  • Guidelines to the time frame of SCENAR therapy and progress assessments.

After the live seminar you need to practice and record at least six case studies.


Further Training Opportunities

A variety of options are available for practitioners wishing to continue their formal learning journey with Scenar. These include special topic workshops, Masterclasses, conferences and additional general practice modules.


  • Condition protocols – influencing whole-body systems including the central nervous system, autonomic system and endocrine system as well as emotional conditions.
  • Provocation techniques to help to elicit a positive reaction from the body.

Again we emphasise location of SCENAR influence rather than just the settings. SCENAR therapy is a holistic health approach, which means we treat patients and their painful or uncomfortable symptoms independent of their conventional medical diagnosis. By focusing SCENAR therapy on uncomfortable symptoms we stimulate the body’s own inner healing mechanisms.

Forthcoming SCENAR Training Dates

Forthcoming UK Level 1 Training Dates
05 December 2017 (0930) to 07 December 2017 (1700)

23 February 2018 (0930) to 25 February 2018 (1700)

Forthcoming UK Level 2 Training Dates

09 March 2018 (0930) to 11 March 2018 (1700)


Price per module: £595 including VAT

These courses can all be booked online, below with the paypal button – make your selection from the drop-down box – or you can call us on 01730 237241.

If you are purchasing one of our full Professional SCENAR Packages, please call us to take advantage of the special pricing.

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