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The SCENAR devices have been designed to meet high standards for application in clinical practice and are robustly constructed for daily use.

There are two key professional devices and two personal use devices t ochooe from. As a practitioner, the personal devices are ideal for you to provide to patients on a loan or sale basis to assist in their treatment programmes.

In addition, a variety of accessories are available to assist with specific treatment applications.

If you are looking to get started as a SCENAR Practiitoner, we recommend our Professional Scenar Practice Packages, but all items are available separately by calling us on 01730 237241 or from our online shop.

Scenar Advanced Pro Device

Intended for healthcare professionals

Newly launched, after CE certification,  the Scenar Pro Prime C features a colour LED display and 5 dose modes, including Dose mode 5 which allows screening via acupoint measurements, rather like having your own EAV testing device at no additional cost.

This advanced device provides a set of additional features, allowing the practitioner full control over the treatment protocol. The signal stream, comprising waveform, signal strength (voltage and current) and frequency, can be varied in a number of ways, either by preselection by the operator or automatically by the control circuitry of the device. The visual indicators on the LED screen guide the practitioner. The LED display also allows the user to run diagnostic protocols.

This new device is available exclusively in the UK through ScenarWorld Ltd so please contact us now to order or for more details.

Scenar Professional Plus

Intended for healthcare professionals

The SCENAR Professional Plus is intended for use by healthcare professionals. It features an extensive range of variants, allowing the practitioner full control over the treatment protocol.

The feature set allows customisation of frequency (static or varying), amplitude (timing of impulses and pauses) ……

The visual indicators on the LED screen guide the practitioner. The LED display also allows the user to run diagnostic protocols.

For more details and purchase link please visit our SCENAR Shop page, operated from our health clinic and practitioner training and support centre for over 20 years.

Scenar Sport D

Recommended Personal Use Device

Replace your physio with the SCENAR Sport D, designed for home users to manage your pain and to speed up the recovery process from acute and chronic pain, sport injury and post operative pain.

With simple-to-use settings, the LED screen displays energy strength, current settings and skin contact indication which make the device very easy to use and operate, giving you fast results.

Supports four impulse Frequencies – 14Hz, 60Hz, 90Hz and 340Hz, suitable for treating degenerative processes (low frequencies) or inflammatory processes in acute state (high frequencies). This allows the user to select the most appropriate treatment setting for the phase of the painful condition.

The Amplitude Modulation feature in SCENAR Sport D is very effective in the treatment of pain in muscles and ligaments. Also supports Frequency Modulation in the range of 30Hz to 120Hz. One auto-mode called Dose Mode is also included to give measured stimulation according to the body’s feedback response.

Extras included in the Sport D Plus Pack are an additional hard shell case, pads and leads for your convenience.

Scenar Vertabra

For home and professional users

SCENAR-Vetebra is the first fully automatic SCENAR device, that delivers dynamic electrostimulation and electromassage. It makes acute and chronic back and neck pain treatments easy, simple and safe to use for both the home and professional user.

The dynamic electro-stimulation and electro-massage pad can sit on top of a massage couch or even your own bed, where as the user you simply set up one of the automatic programmes for treatment. The Scenar Vertebra then uses it’s 48 stimulation electrodes to carry out a simple but effective treatment without practitioner intervention.

This system is so simple to use that there is no training required.

Positive Health Article from 1999

Going back to when Scenar first came to the UK, Dr Keith Scott-Mumby wrote about his initial experiences with the technology in Russia. He recounts some of the early history and how simple it was to get breakthroughs with quick treatments. Read the article here: www.positivehealth.com/article/energy-medicine/star-trek-medicine-is-here

Dr Keith Scott-Mumby

Dan Luger – England International Rugby Player

My first experience of Scenar was in 2000 post the RWC where I sustained a groin injury after 7 months of traditional physio treatment and limited succès I was introduced to Scenar by my then fitness coach Margot Wells. Within 2 weeks I was back to full training and within 4 was back to playing… Read more “Dan Luger – England International Rugby Player”

Dan Luger

What our Users are saying

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Donna Draper

Since using Scenar, homeopath Donna Draper has expanded her practice by offering a truly holistic service to broaden the range of her clients. Donna graduated with a BSc in health science in 1999 and set up her own homeopathic and holistic practice in Kent in 2006, using a variety of treatments to deal mainly with… Read more “Donna Draper”

Donna Draper
Homeopath, Scenar Trainer

Mary Jensen

I fell heavily onto my left hand, twisting the thumb at a right angle. This left major bruising and swelling in the thumb, wrist and hand, and significant pain, especially at night. With professional SCENAR treatment, I was surprised to see the bruising and swelling reduce in even the first treatment, and after several treatments,… Read more “Mary Jensen”

Mary Jensen

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