Scenar for

Wellness Retreats & Spas

The perfect addition to your well-being programmes

Why invest in Scenar for your Retreat or Spa ?

Offer your clients a Spa Break to remember using Scenar.  Give them a real treat complementing their sought after health & wellbeing objectives. Scenar is ideal to promote:

Rejuvenating natural anti-ageing therapy

Everyone loves to look younger with radiant looking skin.  Scenar offers a holistic alternative to traditional cosmetology treatments.

With Scenar you can help your clients get rid of their eye bags and puffiness around the eyes and smoothen out those tough wrinkles in the face, without the needs for chemical peels, cosmetic surgeries, botox injections, and dermabrasion.

As we all know, invasive treatments may do more harm than good in the long-run.

Training tailored to your needs

Training can be matched to the needs of your entire team.  Our trainers draw upon many years of experience using Scenar at professional and home user level.  We will train your team to meet the needs of your unique brand and wellness programmes.

The wide scope of Scenar supports a broad spectrum of practices, the latest professional devices have even fantastic in-built cosmetology and anti-ageing presets.  Protocols are easy to learn and training can be online or face to face.  It can’t get any easier.

Why choose us as your SCENAR Partner?

We have more than 40 years of combined experience supplying, training and supporting health practitioners with innovative health technologies, and approval to licence to provide the most comprehensive manufacturer-approved training. Scenarworld is a partner you can trust to help you develop your practice.


Scenar delivers notable body work results even without high levels of massage or manipulation training.

Pain Relief

Scenar can provide instant pain relief.


A Scenar session delivers a powerful whole body relaxation effects, even for chronically tense patients.


Scenar therapy has powerful anti-oxidant effects helping your clients to detox and strengthen their immunity.

Ease of Use

Protocols are fun and easy to learn.


Accelerate your clients health objectives, from better sleep, looking younger, increased energy, improved digestion, physical flexibility and above all pain relief.

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