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Scenar is a unique pain relief device that can be used safely at home

SCENAR (pronounced ‘skenar’) stands for Self-Controlling Energy Neuro-Adaptive Regulator and is a small handheld machine used to treat painful nerve, joint and muscle conditions, and injuries.

It is used by many people at home to treat acute and chronic pain condition. The device is held on the point of pain emitting short electromagnetic pulses.  These pulses are very similar to the body’s own nerve signals and travel along the central nervous system to the brain. The brain reacts by producing neuropeptides and endorphins, starting the healing process.  Pain relief in most cases is instantaneous.

How does SCENAR differ from TENS?

Like the TENS machine, SCENAR is a bio-electrical pain treatment device that transmits signals into the site of a pain or injury.  When passed over a painful area, both send out an impulse that is received by the nervous system, and processed by the brain.  This stimulates the body’s own repair systems to act, inducing the release of natural painkillers called endorphins.

However, if the signal is repetitive, the body will become desensitised to a particular electrical impulse and eventually ignore it, resulting in the return of the pain.  Scenar incorporates a biofeedback mechanism which sets up a two-way communication with the  nervous system.  The device reads the returning signal and adjusts its own subsequent impulse parameters, so that each new signal differs from the previous one.  This constant change of frequency encourages the body to go on redirecting its activity towards the area of disturbance in the body.

Scenar incorporates a biofeedback mechanism which sets up a two-way communication with the  nervous system.

Another major distinguishing features of Scenar therapy is that it influences local blood flow, especially micro-circulation, which is important in the treatment of SPORTS INJURIES.  Blood delivers the basic building blocks to repair cells and removes dead tissue and waste products from the affected site.  The result is that pain relief may be permanent, or at least extend for increasingly longer periods between with each treatment.

Scenar therapy is also more effective than TENS at inducing neuropeptide release by the body, which promotes pain reduction and repair for a wide array of complaints and conditions.

How will my friends, family and community benefit from Scenar?

If you buy a Sport D device, you can also treat your nearest and dearest or people you know in your community. Our experience has shown that Scenar therapy is very popular and people will love having a treatment from you. Just be mindful that you are not insured to offer a professional service and that you are treating people at your own risk.

Can I combine Scenar with other therapies to get well?

Absolutely and we recommend you do this including the taking of conventional medicine. You can use Scenar therapy alongside acupuncture, homeopathy, functional or conventional medicine, breathwork, physiotherapy and others. There is no limit to it. Just don’t use two therapies on the same day treating the same body part. You may want to give it a few days rest in-between therapies.

What training do you provide?

If you buy a Sports D device from us, we offer a 4 part FREE training with one of our trainers. If you really struggle to get started, get in touch and we may be able to offer a 15 min free Zoom consultation. We will also send you links to manuals and videos you can watch to enhance your understanding of Scenar therapy. You will also get an Introductory Handbook explaining the key parameters and some basic protocols. Subscribe to our emails to keep abreast of other training opportunities that come up through the year.

Can I treat myself with Scenar?

Yes this is the whole purpose of the home device. You can treat yourself for all types of acute and chronic pain conditions. Protocols are easy to learn and our 3 part FREE training will give you the confidence and skills to use this device with great effectiveness. Even non-tech savvy people become competent users after our FREE training. Many practitioners also buy the home device for home use or clients.

How often do I need to treat myself or be treated?

This really depends on your injury or pain condition. In extreme cases, you may use the Scenar for 3 sessions per day lasting no more than 15 - 20 minutes. If you are seeking a therapist, generally speaking 5 - 6 Scenar sessions should suffice to experience substantial pain relief.

What our home users are saying

Don't just take our word for it

Kate Renesto

I would really like to say an enormous THANK YOU to Susanne and the Scenar Therapy!  For years I have battled with MS, Autoimmune diseases, Neurogenic bowel and considerable arthritis in the cervical and lower lumbar back.  Having tried so many different therapies etc over the years, I quite honestly, have found nothing has really… Read more “Kate Renesto”

Kate Renesto

Nataliya Davies

I bought Sport D device from Scenarworld for personal use by recommendations from another country and I also recommended this company to my friend who also purchased Sport D.  From the beginning everything went well. Initially, I found that the provided instructions didn’t quite capture the device’s full potential. Luckily, Scenarworld has offered free webinars… Read more “Nataliya Davies”

Nataliya Davies

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