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Managing chronic conditions

Sports injuries

Chronic pain has many causes, both organic and psychological. Some conditions are progressive and many people experience generalised or multi-site pain.

Scenar can be applied in a number of ways to mitigate pain. In many such cases, the input of a practitioner will be helpful to give guidance on getting maximum effect from home treatment. Someone who can help with spinal treatments is also going to add to the effectiveness.

All that said, using pain pad attachments for gentle regular self-treatments is often highly effective at initiating changes and for taking the edge off even very severe pain.

If you are otherwise healthy, but find that your sport creates a tendency for injuring a weak-point or you simply have an acute injury where you want to maximise the speed of recovery, Scenar treatment will give impressive results. Short treatments will normally yield an immediate drop in percieved pain, followed by a cumulative effect leading to a clear recovery long before the usually expected duration for the type of injury.

Localised injuries are easy to treat using the basic electrode and relatively short treatments of 10-15 minutes will usually be sufficient. Using pads will be helpful for areas such as back and neck.

Post-operative recovery

Scenar for pets

Most surgery results in a greater or lesser degree of tissue trauma around the surface incisions, and depending on your general vitality, the discomfort may take some time to relieve. The same applies to broken bones.

In all cases, Scenar can be applied to create a local stimulus that reduces the tenderness in the area. The effect of Scenar treatments is cumulative and people often report the ability to return to normal comfortable movement far quicker than expected.

Scenar can be used on small animals and horses but be careful to operate within the law, checking things out with your vet.  The comb electrode (hair probe) can be very useful with hairy coats.

Stiff neck or shoulders

Stress, anxiety, depression

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