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CE Certificate for Scenar Devices


Declaration of Conformity 2019 – relating to CE certification for Europe.


Clinical Evaluation Report – the file of clinical evidence that goes to make up the Medical Device certification.


New Features

Showing a practical demonstration of using the new settings in the latest (2019 on) Sport D models, available now from scenarworld.

Sport D Settings

This video presents a basic run-through of different settings on the 2019 Sport D and when you might want to use each one.

3 Pathways with Sport D

This video shows how to do the important 3 pathways process with a personal device.

6 Points of the face

How to complete the 3P 6P protocol using the 6 nerve points on the face, using the personal device.

Collar Zone Self-Treatment

How to treat the collar zone by yourself using a Scenar personal device. The protocol is given step-by-step with every step explained.

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Finding a Therapist

Read Paul Lowe’s guide to finding a therapist on his excellent site


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The manufacturer and supplier for genuine Scenar equipment, and our associate: RITM OKB ZAO.

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