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SCENAR-Vetebra is the first fully automatic SCENAR device, that delivers dynamic electrostimulation and electromassage.

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The SCENAR VERTEBRA makes acute and chronic back and neck pain treatments easy, simple and safe to use for both the home and professional user

This fully automatic SCENAR device is designed to give a treatment without the aid of a practitioner to the spine, neck, and back area, it is a stand alone device that is lay on.

The dynamic electro-stimulation and electro-massage pad can sit on top of a massage couch or even your own bed, where as the user you simply set up one of the automatic programmes for treatment. The Scenar Vertebra then uses it’s 48 stimulation electrodes to carry out a simple but effective treatment without practitioner intervention.

This system is so simple to use that there is no training required.

With 5 easy to set automatic programmes, that cover treatment for the:

  • rehabilitation of the muscular skeletal system
  • whole length of spine
  • acute pain in the cervical, thoracic, or lumbar spinal areas
  • treatment of both mild, acute or chronic pain therapy
  • with the ability to select small zone area’s of the back to treat acute pain and inflammation.

With a proven track record, SCENAR technology enables quick and sustainable pain relief for a wide range of muscular skeletal related conditions. It also increases function and mobility, and improves rehabilitation timescales, which could be used alongside normal body wide Scenar treatments.

  • Perfect for those working in massage and physical therapies who wish to add a simple device to their practise to support their clients with vertebral issues.
  • Improve rehabilitation times by loaning devices to clients to continue their treatment at home in between sessions, fantastic for both amateur and professional sports people who need to be ready in time for an event.
  • Excellent for those in more general health practise who are looking to add muscular skeletal support for their clients in a simple and easy way. Particularly for those clients who have painkiller or NSAID intolerance and contraindications.
  • Running on automatic programmes, this allows the practitioner time to carry out other client work whilst the client is laying on the device.
  • An ideal solution for the home user with mild, acute or chronic back or neck pain who wishes to be in control of their own health and have pain relief at their fingertips.

The SCENAR VERTEBRA enables you or your clients to experience pain relief at the touch of a button.

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