SCENAR Pro Plus Colour


This is a great device for professionals who wish to invest in a professional device at a lower price point.

Presets table (PDF)

Access a comparative table outlining the Presets available in the different professional devices including the Scenar Pro Plus Colour.


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SCENAR Pro Plus Colour

This is a great device for professionals who wish to invest in a professional device at a lower price point.

It is part of the latest development of RITM OKB ZAO top of the range device and has all the functions of the Scenar-1-NT version 01 device and is additionally equipped with the colour LCD.

It features an extensive range of variants, allowing the practitioner full control over the treatment protocol. The signal stream, comprising waveform, signal strength (voltage and current) and frequency, can be varied in a number of ways, either by pre-selection by the operator or automatically by the control circuitry of the device. The visual indicators on the coloured LED screen guide the practitioner. The coloured LED display also allows the user to run diagnostic protocols.

The device includes 25 Presets instead of 32 which can be applied for various indications. Thanks to them the user without Scenar therapy experience can now obtain great results after the first sessions. Moreover, the Presets for various needs allow a considerable reduction in the treatment session time. The device would be the best tool for medical professionals in many areas.

This new device is available exclusively in the UK through ScenarWorld Ltd.  It comes with an instruction and operating manual as well as additional manuals and videos to explain such functions as D1 & D2 as well as other key Scenar parameters and settings.


Parameters Model: RITMScenar Pro Plus Colour

(Scenar-1-NT version 01C)

Power supply 4 x AAA batteries
Maximum current consumption 650 mA or less
Stimuli frequency 15 Hz – 350 Hz
Display Coloured LCD Matrix
Amplitude modulation (AM) settings 1:1; 2:1; 3:1; 4:1; 5:1;
Frequency modulation (FM) mode variation 30-120 Hz frequency range with 7 sec cycle
Dosed modes Dose 1 mode: integral dose and null

Dose 2: differential dose

Screening modes Dose 3
Damping modes 4 constant modes, 1 variable mode
Intensity (number of impulses in a burst) 1-8 impulses in a burst with a gap from 200 to 1600 μs
Energy level tuning 1 – 250
Combined modulation mode Sw1, Sw2, Sw3 and Sw4: pulse shape, gap between pulses and stimuli frequency simultaneously change in 4 different combinations; this also refers to the additional variation of the number of impulses in a burst
Factory/savable user presets: 25 / 5
Dimensions 190x70x40 mm
Weight 0.4 kg


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