SCENAR Home D (2021 Model)


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SCENAR™ Personal range of devices – Home, Sport and Sport D, are electro-therapy devices with built-in electrodes that deliver complex electrical impulses through the skin to give pain relief.

The SCENAR (Self-Controlled Neuro-Adaptive Regulator) HOME is the simplest and most economical variant of the Personal device range. It is easy to use and requires minimum training.

The SCENAR Home has one impulse Frequency – 90Hz.

The Amplitude Modulation feature in SCENAR Home is 3:1 and is very effective for treating pain in muscles and ligaments.

SCENAR Home also supports Frequency Modulation in the range of 30Hz to 120Hz. This setting is commonly used to create a change in the painful condition.

The SCENAR Home supports one auto mode called Dose Mode. In this Mode the device will deliver an individual measured stimulation according to the body response to the impulse.

This model is designed for personal use and for support during professional SCENAR treatments.


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