SCENAR Hair Probe (small comb)


SCENAR attachment for treating hairy areas of skin and the scalp.

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SCENAR Hair Probe (small comb)

The comb electrode proves to be highly advantageous for treating areas of the body with hair. It facilitates surface treatment of the head and cranial skin without necessitating the shaving of the patient’s hair, a requirement often seen in specific medical protocols and procedures at hospitals.

Moreover, it finds utility in other body regions exhibiting excessive hair growth, such as the chest and legs. In such cases, the standard electrode may not establish optimal contact, making the comb electrode a suitable alternative. Due to its high voltage capability, it is also effective for pain relief. Furthermore, it can be employed in the treatment of animals.

Extensive studies conducted by our Australian partners have demonstrated the positive outcomes of Scenar therapy utilizing the comb electrode on animals. They have reported successful treatments on cats, dogs, and other domestic animals.

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