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Intended for acupuncture, Su-Jok therapy, stimulation of the mouth cavity, teeth treatment.


The Clinic Pack comes in a hard shell case containing a Face Probe, Paravertebral Pawns, 4 pairs of treatment pads and a connector lead. The…


2 way lead for pads and conductive garment electrodes. This electrode comes with the new connector to suit the post-2014 SCENAR devices jack.


To stimulate skin surface for cosmetic needs.


Small dual ball bearing ended probe, useful for facial rejuvenation protocol.


Intended for stimulating small skin surface areas.


For use with SCENAR - ideal for facial treatment and areas of the body that are difficult to access with the main device electrode. This…


Pair of Scenar gloves. These are high quality gloves with silver fibres that should last much longer than the average Tens gloves.


SCENAR attachment for treating hairy areas of skin and the scalp.

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For use with SCENAR You can use the blanket after treatment – wrap it around the body for about 20-30 minutes. Keep the label on…

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For use on large areas of the body.


These pads are very helpful in Scenar therapy in any case that requires prolonged contact. Patients who need to do regular self-treatment are an ideal…


Scenar Paravertebral electrodes with rectangular shape. This 2 part electrode is frequently used when treating larger areas, for muscle relaxation treatments, particularly in the upper…

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The pawn electrode is a universal electrode, suitable for local therapy, joint treatment, and stimulating cervical areas such as the 3 pathways on the spine.


This electrode is used to treat the larger body areas like in the lower back, the shoulders, and the abdominals. While the upward curved end of the electrode makes it easier to reach areas like the neck, knee and elbow.

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For use to provide therapeutic stimulation of skin surface around the eyes.

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For use with new models of Scenar with old-plug accessories.


For use with old model Scenar and new accessory.

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