The Personal or Home Scenar is a versatile and effective device that is both robust and portable. Because it is so compact and transportable, it can be carried around easily, making a it accessible not only for use in the home also whilst travelling, at work, in sporting and fitness environments, at school, on day trips as well many other day to day situations.

The Personal User one-day workshop is designed to give simple explanations and practical guidance on how to use the personal Scenar in a way that will help achieve better and faster results. Topics covered will include Scenar applications for First Aid situations, treatment of Chronic conditions as well as some straightforward pain management techniques.

The day will combine some simple theory about the device with how and why we use certain treatment methods. The aim is to give a general understanding about the potential of the device and how it can be easily utilised by anyone.

The workshop will give guidance and advice as to which settings to use to give the best possible results in particular situations and for specific conditions. There will plenty of opportunity to ask questions and share experiences.

The practical element of the day will give the opportunity to work through techniques and methods with support and advice from an experienced practitioner and trainer.

The day will be relaxed and informal but structured to make sure everyone goes away feeling that they can confidently use their device to maximum effect. The trainer will offer useful insights and handy tips on how to get the most out of the Personal Scenar.

At ScenarWorld, in partnership with RITM OKB, we offer a range of resources to support your journey to becoming a confident and effective user of the Personal / Home device.

SCENAR Personal / Home Device Instructional Workshop

Friendly introductory workshop for personal users

This workshop is uniquely available through us in the UK, and comes with our 18 years of experience in energy medicine technologies, supporting both practitioners and personal users.

Let us help you to use your SCENAR technology to its full potential with our one-day workshop.



What others have said about this workshop...

I have just been to a personal Scenar device workshop at ScenarWorld in Petersfield. The workshop was very friendly and clearly delivered by Donna. The information was relevant and there was a lot of reinforcement to ensure retention of the information. It was easy to understand, and Donna created a relaxed environment for learning. The workshop was held in a spacious, airy classroom with good facilities. I would love to go to more workshops
Ruth S.
I have just attended a 1-day workshop on how to use the Scenar Sport D with Donna at ScenarWorld in Petersfield. It was an excellent day giving me confidence and the knowledge to use my Scenar effectively. The day went so quickly was most enjoyable and great to meet others also new to this technology. We were all enthusiastic by the end of the day with the knowledge Donna had passed onto us in a relaxed but effective way. Thank you
Gill W.
The content was just right for someone who had very little knowledge of Scenar like me. Yes – I am still apprehensive about using the machine – but I know how to and what to expect and know that I can ask for help when needed. I purchased the machine on personal recommendation having not seen or used Scenar before. I was a frustrated tennis player having had hospital treatment for over 18 months due to plantar fasciitis, tendonitis and fat pad atrophy in my feet. I am not a person who would generally express an interest in alternative therapies; the Scenar was my last resort. I want to be mobile, and reduce the pain and negative impact on my daily living. The attendees on the course all had some experience of Scenar and suggested that a demonstration be given of treatment. It really helped me to understand how the machine is used in practice; the added bonus was that I left the course pain free as I was the ‘patient’ for the demonstration. Six days later, I continue to be pain free, which is a wonderful and true endorsement of both Scenar and the trainer. I was grateful for the treatment – thank you! The demonstration helped me on both a practical and personal level. The manual is great – I have typed up my notes from the day and with the manual have begun to make sense of the process and how it works and should be used.

Upcoming SCENAR Personal Device Workshop Dates


13th October 2018

Cost £95

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Personal device workshop

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