Our Training Policy & Terms

Training Terms

Scenarworld Ltd is committed to supporting the experience of our learners as they work towards fulfilling their personal and professional potential.

Scenarworld Ltd aims to bring you the best and most up to date training in the use of Scenar devices for both home users as well as professionals.

Our professional trainers have been qualified by the manufacturer of Scenar products RITM OKB.

Training takes place face-to-face at our headquarters in Petersfield or online.

Do not book your transport before booking your professional training in Petersfield and/or the date of the training in Petersfield has been confirmed.

Scenarworld will provide you with:

  • All information required for you to complete your course of study.
  • The learning materials and resources that allow you to engage successfully.
  • An educational experience that is of a consistently high standard and in line with good academic practice.
  • Provide you with points of contact in case you have questions or need advice.
  • Equality of treatment for all regardless of gender, age, race, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, religion or belief.
  • Respect your right to confidentiality.
  • Courtesy and respect in our interactions with you on all platforms.
  • Protection of all your personal information you share with us and be aware of all responsibilities in line with the Data Protection, Freedom of Information and Equality Acts.
  • Information of any updates and changes that affect your course of study.

As a learner, you will:

  • Take responsibility for your own learning, pursue your studies with a positive commitment and do your best.
  • Utilise the learning resources available to you on your programme of study.
  • Actively participate in any required learning activities and assessments for your programme.
  • Pay the required fees by the published deadlines.
  • Know the dates, times and location of your tutorials and assessments and arrive in plenty of time.
  • Be courteous and respectful in your interactions with the Scenarworld team on all platforms.
  • Be considerate and respectful to our diverse community of learners, including the language you other relevant online platforms including social media.
  • Check regularly for correspondence from Scenarworld which is being sent to you via email.

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