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Scenar Training - Professional Device Pathway

If you’ve taken the decision to invest in a Scenar device, it’s probably because you’ve seen the potential of this method in your own life or from someone you know, and you’d like to be able to offer the benefits of Scenar therapy others.

The comprehensive training that we offer at ScenarWorld will take your practice to the next level and unlock the full potential of the Scenar biomedical device in your hands so that you can pass on its full range of benefits to your clients.

Is training important?
As Scenar is an interactive/biofeedback device, there is constant communication between the body and the device. To apply SCENAR technology properly requires:

When these key steps are mastered, practitioners will see how effectively and quickly the device can work. Understanding some basic principles of how the Scenar works is also essential to providing successful therapy to a wide range of complaints. For this reason, a thorough training in the theory and practice of Scenar is critical to getting the most out of the device.

A flexible approach to training

Many of the concepts and methods associated with Scenar therapy require a new way of thinking and a revised set of clinical skills. Therefore, as a professional therapist, we highly recommend that you complete at least two modules of RITM-approved training to build the key foundations for its effective use.

Our partnership with OKB RITM (originator and manufacturer of Scenar) enables us to offer a broad range of educational resources to support you in becoming a qualified Scenar therapist. To support practitioners further with their training, we offer a flexible module training programme.

Level 1 and Level 2 is the basic requirement to be qualified with Scenar. After that the Level 3 course shows the most up to date methods for accelerating therapy to get the best fast results in your practice.

If you then wish to advance your training, you can also attend topic workshops, masterclasses and conferences as well as accessing a range of resources on our website.

Before, during or after the online programme, we encourage you to book a practice session or in-person workshop with a skilled practitioner in your area. We can recommend qualified professionals in a wide variety of locations.

The benefits of training

The training provided by Scenarworld is delivered with the benefit of 20 years of experience in supporting a wide range of practitioners to use energy medicine technologies. This provides you with the skills for:

If you would like to learning more about training with Scenarworld, or you want more information on our training for practitioners and home users, then contact us to discuss your specific training needs.

About the trainer

Dr Jorg Prinz is one of the most knowledgeable English-speaking tutors of Scenar therapy worldwide. He is a registered medical doctor in Germany who now practices holistic medicine in New Zealand using Scenar, and other non-pharmaceutical treatments.

Modular Online Programme


Home Training with Susanne

I had the Scenar device for a while before I discovered Susanne’s program. I knew that the device was very good and I was eager to learn more about it. After completing the course with Susanne I couldn’t be happier. Her course content and teaching method is excellent with clear instructions. Susanne was so helpful with extensive knowledge and comprehension of the device and health in general. I was particularly impressed with Susanne’s protocols and quick and helpful responses outside of the class environment which has helped me to focus on particular area and ailments when using the Scenar on family and friends with conditions such as fibromyalgia, toothaches, back pain, headaches to name but a few. My confidence and skill have grown immensely from this course. Susanne is welcoming, friendly, has great teaching skills and makes you feel at ease when learning. After completing this course with Susanne, I would highly recommend it.

Adel Doyle

Nada Bahu

I did all 3 levels with Dr Jörg Prinz and it was a very enlightening experience. First and utmost the Scenar is so much more than a pain management machine. The online courses with Dr Jörg were a delight as he explained difficult concepts and made them easier to understand and broke them up into manageable segments. He went over the material as many times as needed, answered all questions, went over time with pleasure, was available in between meeting. I highly recommend these classes to understand the potential of this great machine. Thank you Dr Jörg.

Anne Galvin

Despite my reticence for the online life this year has enforced, I highly value the amazing opportunity to have taken part in your scenar course across the globe.

The opportunity to learn from Jörg has been a priveledge. I was not keen on Zoom learning, but the chance to learn from such an expert on the Scenar from his living room on the other side of the world has been a fabulous opportunity.

Jörg’s knowledge is insurpassable – any question asked is answered fully, confidently and unhesitatingly – whether regarding complex medical conditions or specific Scenar methods for any ailment.

I enjoyed Jörg’s teaching methods – applying variability in explaining complicated areas of subject, simplifying brain-stretching protocols, humour, humility (if he doesn’t know an answer, he is not afraid to say so), patience (gently repeating points a few times over when students just don’t get it). A very humanistic approach : )

Having practised with my SCENAR for a few years but never feeling sure of where I was going with it, Jörg’s explanations have clarified so much for me that I now feel confident to finally begin to put my device to full use.

Thank you.

Anne Galvin

Yvonne Davies

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and look forward to completing further modules with you. As I have had extensive experience in Anatomy and Physiology, working in Healthcare and later in Complementary Therapies, I found the material easy to follow.

In particular, having the recording of each module to re-watch and look at in more depth was invaluable for me. Thank you.

Yvonne Davies

Pavllou Landraagon Kokko

Online Scenar training has been extremely informative and I now feel that I have a depth of understanding that I was unable to grasp before working with Dr Jorg. He has been generous not only in sharing his knowledge but also in answering questions and reviewing case histories outside of the Zoom online class environment.

The Cosmetology webinar was also fascinating because we were directed to the Holistic element in treating cosmetically and therefore given yet another depth to our learning. I now have a confidence in using Scenar that I didn’t have before and I highly recommend Dr Jorg Prinz’s Scenar training.

Pavllou Landraagon Kokko
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