Scenar Training

for Home and Family Use

Getting started with Scenar at home

Scenar therapy can also be practiced at home for yourself, your family and community to get relief from chronic and acute pain.  Results are very impressive and the experience is usually far more satisfactory and long-lasting than other approaches.

The way Scenar works is cumulative, rather than simply masking pain, so as you continue to apply the simple techniques you can expect a continuing reduction in the intensity and frequency of pain.  Scenar effectiveness is not condition-specific, so no need to ask if it will work on a given diagnosed condition. Where there is a continuing causative factor, such as in chromic inflammatory conditions, you should also do your best to follow good lifestyle advice such as addressing dietary and exercise recommendations.

For some more complex causes of pain, you may well benefit from also seeing a Scenar practitioner, or having some instruction in the most appropriate methods.  So, if you initially only achieve partial pain reduction, there is more potential available.

Latest Scenar Sport D - the model of choice for home use

Our recommendation for home and family use is the Scenar Sport D Plus Pack which includes gel patches for easy self-treatment. The latest 2021 Sport D model has many features that make it nearly as effective as the professional models in many applications. In fact, some practitioners choose this model for their own practice. For many applications, particularly treating someone in the back and shoulders area, you will find the PARAVERTEBRAL PAWNS attachment to be a very useful addition to the package. Many clients obtain some phenomenal results including rapid relief from acute and chronic pain, improved flexibility, as well a variety of conditions associated with chronic pain such as arthritis, bunions, headaches & migraines and even Fibromyalgia.

For many applications, particularly joint pain and treating someone in the back and shoulders area, you will find the PARAVERTEBRAL PAWNS attachment to be a very useful addition to the package. Many clients obtain some phenomenal results including rapid relief from acute pain, improving flexibility, as well with the wide variety of conditions that generate chronic pain.

Free Sport D Training

In order to help get the most out the Sport D device we are now offering FREE training split into 4 parts.  We have developed 4 training modules, which will cover theory as well as basic and more advanced pain relief protocols including oedema and lymphatic drainage.

Each webinar will built on the previous one, so it is of utmost importance that you attend each webinar to get the most out of this fantastic device. Our mission really is to make Scenar a household name across the world. We want to share our knowledge and skills with you, so you can use this device with confidence and make a profound impact among your friends, family and community.

The webinars will run around 4 times per year and are only for people who have bought Scenar devices from us.  Only webinar attendees will be sent a link with the recorded videos and Pdfs.

We also run specialist webinar topics throughout the year.
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Kate Renesto

I would really like to say an enormous THANK YOU to Susanne and the Scenar Therapy!  For years I have battled with MS, Autoimmune diseases, Neurogenic bowel and considerable arthritis in the cervical and lower lumbar back.  Having tried so many different therapies etc over the years, I quite honestly, have found nothing has really helped my symptoms. After many hours of extensive research for some relief, I came across Scenar Therapy.

I must admit I was very sceptical at first having found no help from conventional medicine and, quite overwhelmed initially when confronted with something I knew nothing about!  I initially contacted Scenar and was introduced to Susanne who is I believe, one of the most caring, dedicated, knowledgeable and inspirational practitioners there is!

Susanne runs teaching sessions which cover everything from the basics of setting the device to protocols and holistic advice to get the body to start to heal itself again!  I have always believed that we must all play a big part in taking control of our own lives and finding a natural approach to fighting pain and disease.

Scenar Therapy appears to target the root cause of the pain, rather than simply masking the symptoms. It is a non-invasive therapy which helps you take control of your pain and discover the natural approach to pain relief instead of pumping in synthetic drugs which more often than not make the problem worse resulting in side effects and toxicity.

Since learning how to use this wonderful device, I can honestly say that it has helped me when I get a flare up in my neck or lower spine and, literally within 20mins my pain levels drop considerably. I have yet to have the courage to try it with my neuropathic pains and with detoxifying my body to try and reverse some of the autonomic symptoms, but, with the protocols that I am learning about, I actually look forward to a healthier life!

One last note … I would thoroughly recommend anyone using the device to sign up for the FREE webinars.

When I first started with Scenar I found that sometimes it would work and then others nothing appeared to happen!  At the time I thought that the times it worked were when I had placed the pads on exactly the right spot …. No, how wrong I was! It was only after the training sessions that I learnt the correct placement of the ‘live’ and ‘neutral’ pads were what actually initiated the pain relieving response, not my guesswork!

THANK YOU Susanne for giving me the inspiration and confidence that I shall be able to get control of my own battles again!

Kate Renesto

Nataliya Davies

I bought Sport D device from Scenarworld for personal use by recommendations from another country and I also recommended this company to my friend who also purchased Sport D.  From the beginning everything went well. Initially, I found that the provided instructions didn’t quite capture the device’s full potential. Luckily, Scenarworld has offered free webinars for their clients, which makes huge difference in learning how to use the device! 
All Susanne’s Scenar device therapy webinars I attended were truly excellent ! Her exceptional knowledge about health is very wide and shone through as she explained how to use the device in clear, detailed language. I was impressed by her extra shared information about how Scenar can be used for various health issues, giving me a broader understanding of its potential, and how to improve health generally. Susanne’s webinars are a masterclass in Scenar therapy.
Also Susanne is very attentive to participants questions. She created a welcoming atmosphere, where everyone felt comfortable asking for clarification, and she answered each one with thoughtful explanations and practical advice. Her passion for this therapy is high!  Her thoughtful explanations and practical advice, delivered with genuine passion, are truly invaluable. Thanks to Susanne and Scenarworld, I’m unlocking the full potential of my Scenar device and my own well-being.
Nataliya Davies

Pippa, UK

I bought the Scenar to support me while waiting for a hip replacement surgery.. and previous broken back. I was told  by a good friend it would be good for pain relief and general healing.  I was shown how to use the device before and after my surgery including a 4 part FREE acute and chronic pain relief training.  Albeit I had a fair amount of pain after the hip operation which is normal, doctors were amazed at my speedy recovery.  I put this down to the Scenar… and all the good support on how to use.
Pippa, UK

Maxine Martin

I usually find working with any sort of device very difficult. It’s almost like devices know that and then think they can cause all sorts of mayhem with me.  Well, Susanne has managed to get me past all that.  Her wonderful way of teaching, with clear explanations all delivered with great patience and humour, has enabled me to use the Scenar with confidence.  I’m so very grateful to Susanne for her time, her kindness, her Scenar expertise, and her ability to explain everything so clearly.  Thank you so much Susanne.

Maxine Martin

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