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Our Base is at Petersfield, 50 miles SW of London, UK

Our office, clinic and training centre is in Petersfield in Hampshire in the UK.  Since 2020 we have also offered our services fully online and are in a position to offer you devices and qualified training so you can study and learn anywhere in the world in the comfort of your own home.  This includes professional training as well as training for home users.  Our training is usually delivered in group sessions, but it can also be bespoke delivered on a 1 – 1 basis.  Training is delivered throughout the year, so please subscribe to our monthly newsletter.

Our trainers

Donna Draper

Donna has been a health practitioner since 2001 after she retired as a police sergeant. She initially trained as a homeopath and mental health coach. She started off as a Scenar user, then became a practitioner and is now a senior trainer for Level 1 & Level 2 Scenar training taking place in Petersfield at the headquarters of Scenarworld.

Dr Jorg Prinz

Jorg is senior trainer and qualified holistic doctor and one of the worlds most experienced English-language trainers of Scenar. He has been working with Scenar for over 20 years now. He is a registered doctor in Germany and left conventional medicine when he realised the power of modern naturopathy when combined with the latest in energy-medicine and energy-psychology.

Our Values


We are 100% committed to help you have a positive experience with us.


We will always be honest with you and expect the same of our clients.


We believe in delivering massive service quality.


We work with innovative and sustainable natural health technology clinically proven to work.


We are making your experience as personal as it can be, whether it is responding to phone calls & e-mails, answering your questions in webinars, fora or giving you advice on devices & electrodes.


We deliver what we say we can and are uncompromising in our principles and values.


We will do our best to keep you safe at all times and in all kinds of ways.


We believe that mutual trust is the essence and social glue to every relationship

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