Scenar World’s Donna Draper speaks at Copa Show 2017

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Want to find out more about why SCENAR is everything you hoped that TENS might have been?

Comparing Scenar with TENS, our speaker, Donna Draper is a SCENAR Therapist and Trainer. She graduated from Westminster University with a BSc(Hons) Degree in Health Sciences and Homeopathy. She is a qualified Adult Educator, Health & Well Being Life Coach and a Bio-Energetic (Asyra) Practitioner.

Her talk at the show will summarise the differences between TENS and SCENAR devices and explain how SCENAR is an evolutionary step in healing and pain relief. SCENAR is a hand-held device that delivers electric impulses through the skin like a TENS machine, but that is where the comparison ends. TENS is mainly used to provide relief from pain but often become less effective over time due to the body adapting to the signals.

If you want to know more, have a look at her bio and scheduled talk on the website:

Come and find us at the show, stand 5040 and see what SCENAR is all about.
COPA show’s website:

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