SCENAR - a powerful solution for acute and chronic pain

The Scenar is a highly effective hands-on treatment device for pain relief. It can be used both at personal and professional level. Read on to find out more.

What is SCENAR?

Scenar (Self-Controlled Neuro-Adaptive Regulator) is one of the most advanced pieces of pain relief treatment technology currently available.

It is a revolutionary and highly effective electrotherapy device used by healthcare professionals to treat acute and chronic pain, sports injuries, arthritis, back pains, inflammations and a growing list of other conditions.

It is also used at home by non-practitioners to alleviate all kinds of acute and chronic pain symptoms.

Who Can Use Scenar?

Scenar was developed to be used by anyone after a short instructional course, with no need for specialist medical training.  Non-invasive and using electrical impulses, Scenar is a hand-held treatment device that enables you to work directly on any  part of the body affected by pain or injury.

Further training allows you to work more deeply to stimulate regional and system-wide responses for coping with deeper-seated conditions.

We believe Scenar is one of the best self-healing pain-relief devices available and that every household or community should have one. This is why we offer you FREE TRAINING in which we share our knowledge and skills, so you can use this device with confidence and make a positive impact on your friends, family and community.

Drawing on 40 years of experience in professional and home device SCENAR training

Scenarworld is an international business, based in the UK, committed to bringing this proven pain relief technology to practitioners and people seeking pain relief across the world.

Our team have wide experience in healthcare, and are committed and passionate about helping people get out of pain quickly and heal naturally, so as to maintain great health and live life to the fullest.

We are the authorised UK distributor for RITM OKB: the manufacturer and holder of trademarks and patents for Scenar technology. We can ship Scenar products worldwide.

Having worked with Scenar technology since 2008, we support practitioners to integrate this system into their practices, as well as providing devices and training for use at home.

Key Benefits

Clinically Proven Pain Relief

Scenar has been clinically proven effective in numerous studies, worldwide, over more than four decades of use.

Get Results Fast

Scenar delivers perceptible change within minutes, and secures lasting change in a short series of treatments.

Help Your Family and Community

Learn vital skills to help your clients, community and friends & family experience lasting relief from painful conditions.

Acute and Chronic Applications

Your training, as a home user or a professional, will equip you to deal with a wide variety of pain conditions, including those considered hard to tackle such as arthritis.

Free Home Device Training

We deliver FREE home device training, if you buy a device from us, so you become proficient in the use of the device and achieve maximum benefit for yourself and others you treat.

Scenar Really Works!

Scenar is THE #1 electrotherapy device able to stimulate all nerve fibres using high voltage and low current, totally safely for pain relief that lasts.

What our Users are saying

Don't just take our word for it

Dan Luger – England International Rugby Player

My first experience of Scenar was in 2000 post the RWC where I sustained a groin injury after 7 months of traditional physio treatment and limited succès I was introduced to Scenar by my then fitness coach Margot Wells. Within 2 weeks I was back to full training and within 4 was back to playing… Read more “Dan Luger – England International Rugby Player”

Dan Luger

Dr Alex Reznansky

I found Susanne’s knowledge to be extensive, she definitely knows her stuff. Her treatments are cutting edge and she shows tremendous caring for each and every client she takes on. I have no doubt in the treatment protocol or what she is… Read more “Dr Alex Reznansky”

Dr Alex Reznansky

Why choose us as your SCENAR Partner?

We have more than 40 years of combined experience supplying, training and supporting health practitioners with innovative health technologies, and approval to licence to provide the most comprehensive manufacturer-approved training. Scenarworld is a partner you can trust to help you develop your practice.

Latest devices

We supply only the latest genuine RITM SCENAR Professional and Sport devices, no copies. All devices come with a two-year warranty.

Dedicated forums

Online support forums specific to your level of training or specialist topic are moderated by experienced trainers giving 24/7 access to relevant expertise.

Approved Training

Our certified training programme uniquely blends online, classroom and case-study elements for a complete educational experience.

Visit Our Centre

More than on online supplier, we offer you the security of dealing with a High Street office and training centre in a convenient location 1 hour from London.

Unmatched experience

Two decades of experience in running clinics and supporting independent health practitioners means we understand what you need from us.

Expand Your Horizons

Take advantage of our expertise in integrating natural health approaches with Scenar to maximise the health benefits to your clients.

SCENAR Service and Support

We are much more than just an online equipment supplier. Our experienced staff, based in our Hampshire premises, just an hour outside London, are always ready to provide advice, support and a range of additional services to our customers.

Take a closer look at our SCENAR products

What are you waiting for!

See how SCENAR can enhance your practice

Genuine Scenar technology and approved training can fast-forward your practice and you reputation be delivering faster and longer-lasting results for your clients, at a highly affordable level of investment.

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